ACF Digital Toolbox

A public-facing site to share best practices and requirements for digital communications.

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Where We Started

As the digital communications department at the Administration for Children and Families, we were struggling with a few things. There was no single repository for the policies around digital communications, most of which were locked into PDF documents and housed in people’s email accounts. There was also a need to be able to communicate these policies to contractors who didn’t necessarily have access to internal systems.

I lead the creation of the ACF Digital Toolbox, a public-facing site to house all the guidance and documents, and then use it to build out a larger repository of teaching tools around our platforms, including Drupal. 

Role and Responsibilities

 As the project lead, I guided the development of the architecture and prioritized the first round of content development. Content was written by the various specialists on our six person team, before I edited them for clarity and accuracy.

I continue to push the development of content, keeping a quarterly content calendar for development of page-level content, and editing occasional blog posts and updates.